Deli Clip Box 0988
₹52.00 ₹52.00
Deli Magnetic Clip Box..
9651 Chrome Pen Stand
₹150.00 ₹140.00
Chrome pen holder is made from plastic and in availabe in three colors...
Deli Bill Fork- 0241
Specification7.6 X 1.2 X 14.2 mmSales Pack 1Inner Pack 24Master Pack 288..
Deli Desk Organizer 904
Specification  Size :85mm X 85mm X 127 mmMulti Purpose UseTranslucent Drawer..
Deli Desk Pen Stand Gel Pen 0.5mm-W6791
Spring bullet nib 0.5 mmSize 62X 40 X 150mmSoft gripStrong sticky baseGerman InkSwiss Tip MaterialUs..
Deli Fingertip Moistener-W9109
Specification: Material : GelluloidRolling to wet FingerSize : 90X35 mmSales Pack  &n..
Deli Metal Book End 165mm-W9261
₹210.00 ₹190.00
Durable SteelNon- Skid padded baseSpecificationSize 165X135X170mm-6.5"Sales Pack  1 (2pcs/set)I..
Deli Pen Holder -W9139
High Quality PS Material for durability Playful Apple Design with pattern print Trendy dual col..
Deli Pen Holder -W9145
High Quality As material for durability Playful pencil design with pattern printTrendy dual color de..
Deli Pen Holder W9138
High Quality PS Material for durabilityPlayful house design with pattern print3 compartments and 1 d..
Deli Pen Stand -906
₹180.00 ₹162.00
Specification 90X135 mmSales Pack : 1Master Pack : 40Material : PS4 Drawer..
Deli Pen Stand 907
₹90.00 ₹81.00
Deli Pen Stand 907Rs 90/pc..
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